I am a Digital artist specialising in printing onto Glass and Acrylic along with other substrates. My work is based on collections, themes and memories and is suited to Public and personal spaces.
The work is Contemporary and abstract allowing the viewer to enjoy it’s imagery according to their own imagination and ability to see beyond the work, making it appealing at a range of levels.

My Vision For the Individual
Is to create private commissions based on collections or memory boxes or even personal experiences, events or holidays.

My Vision for the Public sector
To create eclectic pieces for public spaces, either commercial or corporate, and adding a Creative point of interest to promote the ethos of these spaces.

I want you to explore the work in this website and the accompanying text in order to understand more about my work. I look upon each piece as a eulogy to its subject.

You can buy the work already published on the site and specify your preferred medium or you can contact me to have a personal commission created.


29th August 2016
New Artwork
29th August 2016
C-Art 2015
15th September 2015
28th September 2014


New York
(Contains 26 photos)
IMG_6790 Up Front Gallery
(Contains 3 photos)
Images exhibited and on sale at Up Front Gallery, gp along and visit.
Mad mouse and Helter Skelter Fairgrounds
(Contains 3 photos)
Action Cartpsd Appleby Horse Fair
(Contains 7 photos)
Grand Canal Poles Venice
(Contains 10 photos)
Harriet's Canvas Memory Boxes
(Contains 7 photos)
Each piece in this portfolio has been developed from collections personal objects which all have emotional and sentimental meaning to the collector. Once collected the items were placed in a Perspex shoebox ready for the artwork to be developed. Once refined the finished canvasses were printed on a variety of substrates dependent on the collectors preferences. The substrates included, Glass, 10mm Acrylic, wrap around Canvas, and Plastic.
Waterwheel SS010 Skelton Show
(Contains 14 photos)
Waterwheel NF005 Natural Form
(Contains 8 photos)
This series uses inspiration from all aspects of natural form both from nature and from man made sources. A truly eclectic series.
Penrith PL001 Places
(Contains 2 photos)
These images are based on places visited and act as a Visit Collection.
Pow Foot 14 Textures
(Contains 14 photos)
Wedding Celebrations
(Contains 1 photo)
New gallery of images will be posted soon based on Celebrations and Special occasions. If you have a wedding, engagement, or special birthday coming up, I can create an artwork based on the tokens connected with the Occasion, or the people involved, giving a unique gift to commemorate the event.
Items can include tokens, images, musical references, and text, in fact anything of particular significance.
The Croft (sample) House Nameplates
(Contains 1 photo)
This portfolio is to show custom name plates for houses. The images can be personal to the occupants or generic. Lettering can be in a range of colours and typefaces.
Spiral seaweed 3 Seaside Themes
(Contains 5 photos)
This is a range of images from within and beside the sea.
Fishing Boats Gozo 2 Boats
(Contains 5 photos)
Cross Fell 2 Landscapes
(Contains 8 photos)
Derelict Boat 1 on Acrylic, detail Substrate Gallery
(Contains 23 photos)
This Gallery shows some examples of the finished Artwork onto Acrylic and Organza. Please note the Acrylics are designed to be fitted directly to the wall via the bullet fixings, in the images these are shown on backing boards to enable easy hanging by a single fixing point in galleries.
Sri Lanka
(Contains 30 photos)
Some Images from Sri Lanka, although print sizes are selected I can print any size up to and including A3 on a range of substrates.
(Contains 4 photos)
Venice 2011
(Contains 3 photos)
(Contains 30 photos)