Artists Statement

We all collect tokens, objects and memories as we travel through our lives. The sad thing about this is that more often than not our memories and tokens lay dormant, gathering dust, shut away in boxes, cleared into storage as new collections replace them.
We are all formulated by these elements which we add to our lives as we travel meet new people and experience new places and emotions. My work acknowledges these components and offers a way in which we can share and continue to appreciate our formative memories. Digital imagery also allows us to build new layers as we progress through our life experiences.
As a designer, I can offer a commission based service and interpret these collections into visual artworks or functional designs based on favoured objects and tokens. The designs can be interpreted and printed onto a range of substrates and used in a variety of ways. The repeat patterns offer a functional but abstract development from the original source material; the canvases can be developed as functional bespoke product designs, or as artworks in their own right.
The collector can then continue to appreciate the elements within the work without shutting it away in a shoe box, for safe keeping, never to be seen again or only shared on particular occasions.
Based on memories and collected tokens, my collection shows a visual interpretation of our personalities, onto a variety of substrates…….' A visual eulogy'.